Home Improvements

For me, one of the most exciting things about moving is being able to decorate my new room. Even though it’ll be pretty basic I’m planning on bringing a lot with me to make it more homely. I’ve just received an order of photos I had especially printed – I got a special offer which meant I got 50 prints free and only had to pay £1.49 P&P. Absolute bargain! The timing was perfect as well, as I had lots of photos from Graduation and my trip to Australia that I wanted to print ready for my new place. I’ve did the same thing last summer so I should  have about 100 photos to decorate my room with (just about enough I think!)

If I could afford to, I think I’d end up buying the whole of Cath Kidston, as I’m actually in love with her homeware collection at the moment. For now though, I’ll make do with a few pretty bits and bobs from Ikea and some of the cute independent shops we have in Nottingham. I might even have a rummage in some of the bigger charity shops to see if I can find any quirky bits to jazz up my room (we have an awesome Oxfam that sells really good vintage – I used to volunteer there during sixth form in actual fact). To be fair, I already have some seriously interesting ornaments (glittery skull anyone?) but, in my humble opinion, you can never have too many. I plan to get a couple of noticeboards as well so I can pin up letters, cards, gig tickets etc alongside all the photos – I already have two massive packs of pins at the ready! Now all I have to do is work out how to pack all this stuff to get it up there. Oh dear.

Days until the big move:15.


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