Last night out in Nottingham

So, as the title suggests, yesterday I went out for one final night in good old Nottingham (for the foreseeable future at least!). While I went out weekly in Lancaster, I don’t actually go out in Nottingham that frequently, mainly because I often end up spending a ridiculous amount of money on taxis and over-priced cocktails!

However, a friend of mine persuaded me that we should have one last night in town before I head off and I’m glad we did! We started off with cocktails at this rather swish bar called Coco Tang-  it probably has the best cocktail menu I have ever seen. Me and my friend shared what is known as ‘The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’. Basically this is a cocktail of green tea, Wray and Nephew Rum (which is 63% proof) and Absinthe, served in a traditional Chinese teapot and with tiny cups to sip out of. This cocktail so potent that it’s limited to just one serving per customer per night. With how I felt this morning I totally understand why! I also had a frozen strawberry daiquiri which was rather lovely but had far too much ice in for my liking!

In the toilets at Coco Tang (such a classy setting!)

We then headed to another bar called Tantra, which is famous for having massive beds and cushions all around the main dance floor, before heading to a new club called Pandora’s Box. It cost £10 to get in which is rather pricey, even for a Saturday night ,but it was pretty decent inside and, from what I can remember, I seemed to be enjoying myself! All in a good night was had by all and I didn’t have too much of a hangover this morning – bonus!

It was strange, as we were on the bus to town I had a wine-induced empathy and realised that this time in two weeks, I’d be spending my Saturday night moving into my new place. Madness.

Days until the big move:13.


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