The Final Countdown..

This time next week I’ll be waking in up in Glasgow. I actually cannot quite believe that I have less than a week left at home. Suddenly the reality that I’m leaving has hit hard, like a ton of bricks.

Boxes have been brought, ready to pack up my clothes and other belongings that I can’t carry on the train. People are starting to ask for my new address. I’ve said my first proper goodbye. My best friend gave me my first leaving present.

After what feels like months of waiting to start my placement, all these things have happened so quickly in the last week and I just can’t get my little head round it all! I have a pretty busy week this week – trying to see or skype everyone one last time, sorting out the mess that is my room, buying all the bits and bobs I need for up North AND the mammoth task of trying to fit my life into one medium-sized suitcase and a couple of cardboard boxes. I feel like, all of a sudden, Saturday will sneak up on me and that’ll be it – I’ll be on my merry way to Scotland.  At the moment everything just seems so surreal, I just can’t comprehend how close moving day is.  Weirdly though, another part of me feels like I have plenty of time left and is counting down the hours until I can get on the train and get this adventure started. My head is such a weird mix of emotions at the moment. I think it’s going to be a pretty interesting week!

Days until the big move: 6.


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