A trip down memory lane

Today I’ve been faced with the truly awful task of trying to clear out my room – not even to pack, just to try and get rid of all the rubbish I appear to have amassed before I can even begin to think about packing. I always thought I was fairly good at throwing things out and keeping my room tidy but, upon closer inspection, it appears I have more crap than I thought I did. Brilliant.

However, amongst all the rubbish, I did find some absolute gems. I found all my 18th birthday cards, alongside cards from my 16th and 17th birthdays and hand-written cards from my grandma congratulating me on exam results and passing my driving test. My A-Level French workbook provided some laughs – how I managed a ‘D’ grade I will never know! I discovered an old phone full of pictures from 2009/2010, including photos from my holiday to Gran Canaria which I’d forgotten I’d ever taken. I found jewellery that I feared was lost, which now cleaned looks brand new once more. I even have a copy of the Holy Quran (don’t ask!)

I’ve definitely had a full on trip down memory lane and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed it! It was good to take a step back and remember some of the good times pre-uni, even if they do seem a lifetime away now. I’ve changed so much since then (for the better I hope) but it’s still nice to re-visit those times, no matter how much I disliked sixth form or whatever. It was also nice to look back now, at this moment in time, as I’m about to start another big chapter of my life and remember all the good times I had when I was younger (bloody hell I sound old!). Now all I have to do is work out what to do with all this stuff!

Days until the big move: 5


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