A town called panic…

I’m starting to panic. Massively. Usually I’m probably one of the most chilled out people you can meet, cool as a cucumber, so laid-back I’m practically horizontal, but that has all changed. I have genuinely never felt quite so stressed or panicked in my life. Most of this is probably self-inflected, as I have a million and one things to do before Saturday morning (including ALL of my packing!!)

But, aside from the general stress of moving and sorting your life out, I’m also starting to really panic about life in Glasgow. My biggest worry by a mile is about making friends. I’m usually pretty good at making friends, or at least chatting to people, but I am (deep down) actually quite shy. I’m scared that I won’t make friends, that I won’t have anyone to share my life in the city with and that I’ll actually end up quite lonely in my little annex.

Of course, I’m realistic to know that I won’t make friends straight away and I’ll have to go out there and be proactive about doing so but I guess, maybe naively, I thought I could move to this big new city and new country and make this nice fresh start and it’d all come together wonderfully at some point, a few months down the line. Now I’m starting to worry that point won’t come as quickly as I envisaged/hoped, if it happens at all.

I’m sure I’m just over thinking things (as per usual!) and it will all work out fine – I had the same worries about university and ended up making a whole host of fantastic friends that will hopefully stay in my life for years to come – so I know I can do it. I guess it’s all just a bit different this time around.

Days until the big move: 2 and a half!


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