A moment of clarity

I’m starting to feel really genuinely so excited for Glasgow now. My best friend gave me a much needed pep talk today and reminded me of what an amazing opportunity this is and how I should make the most of every day. She is, as always, 100% spot-on and it suddenly hit me just how exciting this year could be. I fully intent to do her proud and make every day count and just be as positive as I can.

In fact, all of my friends have been wonderful with regards to ‘the move’. I could not have asked for a more supportive, or generous, bunch! I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted with room decorations, fairy lights and other such bits and bobs as well as lots of kind words and cards. Definitely feel a lot more confident going into this now with such a solid group of good people willing me on.

All in all I’ve had a lovely last week at home, mainly catching up with friends and saying goodbye. Of course I’ll miss them all ridiculous amounts but I feel ready now, for the first time actually, to start my adventure.  Still need to pack though – typical.

Days until the big move: 1 (pretty much!)


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