Tomorrow Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day! I’ve finally packed, triple-checked all my train times, worked out how to get to my new flat and even made myself a little packed lunch for the train (ham and tomato sandwiches if anyone is that interested in my life!)

Emotionally I’m a bit of a mixed bag, to say the least. I’m nervous, excited, happy,sad, apprehensive, confused and just generally a little unsure of what to expect. At the moment, it still hasn’t hit me properly that I’m actually moving  -I can’t quite believe this is my last night at home (and in England) for a while.  It’s all just so surreal. Part of me thinks I’m just going on a little holiday for a few weeks and I’ll soon be back in good old Nottingham!  Ultimately though I’m so excited to get up there and get straight into Glaswegian life 🙂 I just hope I understand the accent, otherwise things could get quite awkward quite quickly!


Days until the big move – 11 hours and 30 minutes (ish!)


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