New Girl

Today was my first day at work and I’m pleased to say it went pretty well. Getting up at 7.15am was bloody awful but apart from that I had no hiccups or major disasters, thankfully. I was mostly just observing the general morning routine although I got to play hairdressers for a bit (aka I blow dried a lady’s hair) and helped her get dressed and ready. I also helped prepare the home-made soup for lunch before helping to feed one of the residents.

I also had to do  a lot of reading about fire regulations etc. as well as start to read up on each resident’s individual care plan and communication passport. There is a hell of a lot to take it but so far I think I’m doing alright. Still a bit apprehensive about using a hoist (even though I’ve been shown on three separate occasions) and I’m pretty bad at steering a wheelchair but, apart from that, I think I’ve got everything else down so far. I was only working with one lady today, who is an absolutely sweetheart, so it’ll be interesting to see how the other residents react to me and how different the care they require will be.

Luckily I’m not at work until 2pm tomorrow so I have chance for more of a lie-in. However my next couple of shifts then start at 7am which could be rather interesting/traumatic. Fingers crossed the rest of the week goes as smoothly as today did!


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