Dinner at Arisaig

Tonight I had my first proper meal out in Glasgow and it was absolutely beautiful! My flatmate, Eujin, took me and two other CSV Volunteers to this really nice part of town called Merchant Square which is full of good restaurants. We settled on a restaurant that did traditional Scottish cuisine as well as just generally good hearty food and it was lovely 🙂

Pretty lights in Merchant Square

Starter: Home-made fishcakes with lime and sweet chilli dip

Main: Venison Stew 

Best of all these two  courses only cost £12, which isn’t bad really considering that a main course at Arisaig usually costs at least that on its own! I had a really great evening and it was nice to meet some more volunteers and expand my social circle a bit! Also it was nice to hear their experiences and talk to other people in the same position.

At the moment I go from really enjoying myself to wondering if I can really hack being in this industry full-time as I am so inexperienced. I took the lead assisting a lady this morning (with someone helping me and observing) and I think it went ok but I still haven’t got the knack of it all, not by a long shot! I know it’s only been four days and you obviously can’t rush these things but I suppose I’m a little annoyed at myself for not picking it all up straight away. Definitely realised that I’m much more academic than I am practical – I really enjoyed my epilepsy awareness training today because it reminded me of being back at uni (I passed by the way and got a nice shiny certificate!) As they say though, practice makes perfect so I’m hoping by this time next week I’ll have progressed more and be feeling a bit better about my abilities. At any rate, I only have a five hour shift tomorrow which should be fine and then I have the weekend off, so really I canny complain too much!


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