I’ve had the most lovely day in Edinburgh today. The sun was shining, the company was good and I even had a cheeky cocktail – what more does a girl need in life?!

Even though I wasn’t meeting the girls until 2pm this afternoon I decided to head into Edinburgh early, have a wander around while the weather was good and grab a coffee or something. No matter how many times I visit Edinburgh (and it’s been quite a few now!) I still get that same sense of excitement whenever I get out the train station and see the beautiful skyline and today was no exception. Without a shadow of a doubt it is one of my favourite places in the whole world.

Royal Mile

St. Giles Cathedral 

Beautiful view from Starbucks 

In the end, there were only five of us altogether, as some people had to cancel at the last minute unfortunately. It was great to meet up with everyone though and have a good old fashioned chat and, in particular for us newer volunteers,discuss some of our worries. It’s great to talk to through these things with people in the exact same situation and it definitely made me feel better about my own doubts and worries. A problem shared is a problem halved as they say! Also it was obviously great to meet three more people and expand my social circle that bit more – hopefully these meet-ups may become a semi-regular thing!

We had lunch in a cute vegetarian cafe before having a wander through Princes Gardens, up the Royal Mile and then up to the famous castle. Following that I then decided to introduce the girls to the joy of a deep-fried Mars bar, which is a Glaswegian delicacy 😉 They enjoyed it a lot more than I though they would I must say!

Scott Monument in Princes St. Gardens

Outside Edinburgh Castle

Deep fried Mars bar

After a quick look round the shops and markets on the Royal Mile we finished off the day in the only way possible – with a cocktail in a Frankenstein themed pub of course! I’ve always wanted to visit this pub but never quite got round to it so I was chuffed that we made it in today.

Frankenstein Pub

That place is cray. It’s very dark and atmospheric inside with lots of candle light, Frankenstein posters and memorabilia and even themed cocktails called ‘Dr. Frankenstein’ and ‘The Bride’, both of which are rather tasty. They even show the old black and white film on a projector screen alongside the  football, which is just bizarre. However, the weirdest thing by far about this place is that, once the film finishes, a guy starts playing the famous theme music and a plastic model of Frankenstein is slowly lowered down from the roof. So bloody weird but rather cool I must say. Definitely worth a visit for anyone who has a quick hour to kill in the city centre!

All in all I had a brilliant day and spent less money that I envisaged, for once! So I decided, seeing that I managed to actually come home with some money today, that tomorrow I’ll take a cheeky trip into Glasgow and start ticking some more bits and bobs off my little tourist list. Probably going to have a look round the Cathedral as I’ve heard it’s well worth a look although I don’t really have a plan so who knows where I’ll end up! Rosie has the day off as well so we might meet up depending on her plans tomorrow so that’s also a possibility. Either way it’s probably going to be nice chilled Sunday before I start what looks to be another rather busy working week!


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  1. kibbled
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 06:31:41

    Glasgow cathedral is worth a look as is the adjoining Necropolis. Some interesting graves and views of the city. The oldest house in Glasgow, Provand’s Lordship, is just across the road.

    There used to be a Frankenstein pub in Glasgow but not sure if it is still there or whether his monster ever descended from the rafters.


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