Tonight has been lovely 🙂 Me and Eujin had a good old fashioned girly night in and ate lots of crap food, drank wine and moaned about the male population. It’s been a fair while since I’ve done that properly and I really really enjoyed it. Although we clicked and became instant friends when we met, this is the first time we’ve sat down for a whole evening and just chatted, the two of us, about everything and anything! She’s such a genuinely lovely person and I just feel so lucky to have a flatmate that I get on with so well. We’ve even made plans to go for a posh meal and then for lots of drinks to celebrate my birthday which I cannot wait for – I was massively worried I end up sat alone crying because I’m no longer 21 but I’m thankfully feeling a lot more excited about the whole thing now! She even said she’d make sure that I’ll consume plenty of vodka – definitely my kinda gal!

The past two weeks at work have also been pretty good so far. I completed my first aid training yesterday and food hygiene today so I’m due a couple of certificates in the post and I’ve got on with yet more reading and things that I needed to do. Tomorrow looks like it should be pretty alright – I’m getting training on infection control and also being shown how to administer a feed through a PEG (a tube through the stomach basically) which is pretty interesting. I feel a little bit like I’m back at university what with all these courses and everything but I’m enjoying it thus far and I definitely feel more accomplished and just that bit more useful around the centre.

To round off the week me and Eujin are planning an afternoon in Glasgow on Thursday, once I finish my wee 7am-1pm shift. We’re planning on grabbing coffee and a cake in Princes Square, then doing some window shopping in Cath Kidston and some other beautiful yet expensive shops, before treating ourselves to take-out food from Yo Sushi and yet more cake and wine! We won’t see each other properly for just over a week after that as we’re both on holiday so it’ll be great to have an afternoon out together before we head our separate ways.

Also I have Milan on Friday night which I am absolutely buzzin’ for,genuinely cannot wait to step on that plane 🙂 All in all this week looks fantastic – now I all I have to do is get through a couple of pesky shifts at work :p


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