Food, Glorious Food!

Probably one of the reasons I get on so well with my house mate is that we are both massive foodies, who love eating out and trying new and exciting restaurants. We’ve even gone as far as compiling a list of our favourite restaurants/places we want to try and plan to work on one a week if possible!

This evening, however, we decided to return to an old favourite of both of ours and headed to Yo! Sushi for some take-out. Prior to this we had a really nice afternoon window shopping and wandering around this cute market we found (which was predominately food stalls as luck would have it!)

Chocolate Waffles 

Treats in Costa

Trying on hats in Cath Kidston

Bag of treats! 

It was lovely afternoon but, after a long day which involved me getting up 6.15 am, I was absolutely knackered by this evening. Work went really well today though – I finally got the chance to do some stuff unassisted and actually felt like I made a real contribution to things today, instead of just hanging around looking a bit lost and confused which made a nice change! I have yet another ridiculously early start in the morning but I don’t really care because I’m off to Milan tomorrow night!! AHHH. I am so excited to visit Italy for the first time, be reunited with one of  my favourite people in the world and have some early birthday celebrations. I also plan to eat my body weight in gorgeous Italian cuisine (obviously) so expect lots more pictures of food in my next few blog posts – sorry folks!


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