The Italian Adventure pt.2 – Milan!

Following a successful trip to Turin the day before, I finally got explore the sights of Milan on Sunday. Our first stop (after yet another Nutella Croissant for breakfast!) was the world famous Duomo. There are literally no words to describe just how amazing this cathedral is – it is genuinely breathtaking, my photos definitely do not do it justice.  We even got to see part of a service which was pretty cool, even if we didn’t understand a word of Italian!



Inside the Duomo

After that we headed to the rather grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which is probably one of the most snazzy shopping arcades I will ever visit in my life! Stunning. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to buy anything as it mainly consists of designer shops or restaurants but it was still fun to look around. We also headed to this amazing department store called La Rinascente which is made up of eight floors of wonderful designer bits and bobs mainly. My favourite floor, however, was the top floor which is the food department (obviously!) It is actually amazing, especially the chocolate section. There’s an amazing counter that sells shoes and handbags crafted in chocolate alongside a counter which sells a massive selection of gorgeous macrons that taste as good as they look!

The Arcade

Chocolate shoes and bags!

Well worth the 1 euro 50 cents.

After a spot of window shopping we went for an idle wander around the little side streets around the main square and came across an absolute gem of a bakery. The amount of choice was just staggering and both the sweet and savoury dishes looked equally appetising. The food was delicious and excellent value for money –  I opted for a huge piece of focaccia topped with tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms and parma ham which was just great.

Just a small selection of the goodies on offer

Possibly the best piece of bread I’ve ever had!

Following lunch we decided to head slightly out of the main city centre to the Brera area to visit the Castello Sforzesco and the adjoining Sempione Park. This area of Milan was probably my favourite as the park is absolutely beautiful, especially in the sunshine 🙂



Inside the park

Arco Della Pace (Arch of Peace)

That evening we spontaneously decided to buy tickets to a classical music concert at the famous Teatro alla Scala and soak up some culture, Once we were all dressed up, we went for a lovely meal at a local restaurant called Fresco. As I’ve never visited Milan before I decided to try a local speciality – Cotoletta alla Milanese – which is basically fried meat served with a side salad and some seasonal vegetables (in my case, courgette drizzled with a beautiful olive oil). As if Italian cuisine isn’t amazing enough already, wine also appears to be ridiculously cheap over there so you literally cannot go wrong when eating out. 

Good job I was hungry!

The Teatro alla Scala is yet another beautifully grand building and, even though I’m not the biggest fan of classical music, I am so glad we decided to go, if only for the experience of watching a performance there. The auditorium itself is just something else – again my photos do not do it justice! If anyone is planning to go to Milan I’d definitely recommend trying to get tickets for a concert or opera if at all possible.

The Scala

Ironically, after a rather sophisticated evening, we ended the night grabbing drinks in McDonalds – standard procedure! I had a great time and it was really fun to just do something different and do something that I would never usually choose to do at home, instead of just going out and getting drunk as we originally planned. You know you’re growing up when you consciously choose a night of classical music over chugging down a warm bottle of the cheapest wine you can find!


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