The first month…

Yesterday marked the end of my first month in Scotland – actually cannot believe this landmark has come around so quickly! It’s strange, part of me just can’t comprehend the fact that my first month is already over and yet another large part of my brain feels like I’ve been here for a good few months, probably because I’m already so settled up here.

This month has actually been a lot different to how I expected it would be. To be honest, I thought I’d struggle a lot more than I have with regards to settling in, making friends and adapting to my new job. Admittedly there have, of course, been low points when I’ve seriously doubted whether I’m cut out for this line of work or whether I can actually handle living this far away from all my friends and family. However, thankfully, those moments have been few and far between and it doesn’t take me long to remember that I have, without a doubt, probably made one of the best decisions I could have done. Don’t get me wrong, I miss everyone in England to bits (so much in fact) but I’ve made a small but solid group of friends up here and hopefully this will expand as the weeks and months go on. Also, being away from all my loved ones has definitely helped remind me why they are so important to me – absence truly does make the heart grow fonder I think.

Glasgow itself has also been a revelation. I heard a lot of good stuff about the city before arrived but, equally, I heard a hell of a lot of really quite awful things too. I’m pleased to say that very little of it is true or, probably more accurately maybe, I have encountered no trouble whatsoever. Yes, Ibrox probably isn’t the nicest area and I do walk rather fast when on my own at night but it really isn’t that bad at all (so far anyway!) The city centre itself is amazing – there are so many shops, restaurants, bars and attractions that I’m genuinely spoilt for choice plus there is always something exciting going on. It really is a great place for me to be, especially at this point in my life.

I feel I’ve also changed a little bit in myself, even though I’ve only been away for a month. Some changes are rather trivial – my hair has got ridiculously long because I cannot afford to get it cut, I’ve stopped buying new clothes, wearing dresses everyday and painting my nails religiously, I read more, I waste less time on the internet or watching TV. However some of the changes have also been a bit more substantial. I feel more confident in myself and who I am as a person and I feel proud that I’m actually doing something worthwhile with my life instead of just being stuck in a job that wasn’t doing a lot for me or anyone else. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot, in general and I’m constantly picking up new skills – my cooking has improved quite significantly already (still pretty awful though I must say!). I have a new need to go out there and see and do everything the city has to offer. While so far this mainly involves me trying as many new restaurants as possible, I’m getting there slowly but surely! I definitely feel a lot more proactive about life and, dare I say it, more grown-up.

It has only been the first month but so far it has been an amazing challenge, adventure and experience and I’m enjoying life in Scotland immensely. Who knows what the next eleven months have in store for me?!


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