Pollok Country Park.

Me and Rosie both had Monday off this week so, as the weather was yet again being rather kind to us, we decided to head to the beautiful Pollok Country Park. As the name suggests, this is a massive country park which is home to a National Trust building, some highland cows and the famous Burrell Collection, which is an internationally renowned collection of art housed in a rather lovely woodland setting. Somehow, we ended up on a free guided tour of the collection which was conducted by an adorable Scottish lady called Betty. The collection itself is rather cool and features pieces from many different countries and eras, although there are a lot of stained glass windows and tapestries, as well as some excellent Chinese Art. Although we didn’t get chance to see the whole collection (we missed out the painting on the mezzanine level) it was a great introductory tour.

The Burrell Collection

Woodland Setting

Stained Glass Windows


The rather grand Warwick Vase

Once the tour was finished we decided to brave the cold and head back outside to finally spot some highland cows which, I have to say,was by far the highlight of my day! We then continued on a nice little wander up to the beautiful Pollok House, which is a National Trust building. As poor volunteers we didn’t pay to go inside the building but I can only imagine how nice it is inside, if the outside is anything to go by! I’m more than likely to visit Pollok again during the rest of my time here so I shall definitely have a look round the house at some point.


Highland Cow!

More Highland Cows! 

Pollok House

By the riverside

After all this walking and exploring we were both starving so, upon arriving back into Glasgow Central, we headed to a little pub in the West End to grab some dinner before taking another trip to Nardini’s, which is one of my favourite places in Glasgow. I treated myself to a double chocolate and pecan muffin AND a Royal Hot Chocolate, which is a massive and topped with lots of whipped cream, a generous handful of mini marshmallows and a chocolate wafer stick think. Safe to say I had a massive sugar overload! One of my favourite things about Glasgow is that, for some unknown reason, lots of cafes stay open really quite late. I absolutely love this and, in my old age, I actually genuinely prefer heading to a cute little cafe for hot chocolate and cake, instead of heading to a swish new bar for an alcoholic beverage! Turning 22 is doing strange things to me it seems…


Perfect way to end the day 🙂 


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