The Butterfly and The Pig.

Today me and Rosie decided to head into town and treat ourselves to a proper afternoon tea. We headed to the Tea Rooms at The Butterfly and The Pig, which is a really cool pub in the city centre. As soon as we walked in and saw how beautifully it was decorated, with lots of quirky crockery and ornaments, I knew we’d picked the right place.

Full Afternoon Tea costs £12.50 per person but it is more than worth it for the sheer amount of food you receive! On the bottom tier we each had four quite well-sized sandwiches- two with egg, cress and spring onion and two with ham, tomato and rocket which were lovely. An assortment of crisps added a nice quirky feel as well! The middle tier was where the magic happened – the cakes. There were 6 in total, including two large scones with cream and jam, a rather rich chocolate brownie, a slice of carrot and walnut cake, a cupcake and a portion of pistachio cheesecake. Just amazing but far too much sugar for me!  The top tier featured a rather exciting Scottish twist whereby we each had an oatcake topped with cream cheese and Scottish smoked salmon which was just gorgeous.

The Tea Rooms

Mismatched Crockery

Afternoon Tea! 

Once we’d demolished as much as we could physically manage (we had to have the last two cakes boxed up for us to take home!) we headed to the other side of the city and over to the Cathedral for evensong. I’m actually agnostic, so I don’t follow any particular religion  but I decided to accompany Rosie this week mainly so I could see the Cathedral but also because I’d never been to a service before so I was intrigued. The choir are wonderful, as is the Cathedral itself, so I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would. I actually felt really quite peaceful and enjoyed some quiet contemplation which made a nice change. While I wouldn’t necessary hurry back, it was an enjoyable hour and I wouldn’t rule out going again. I’ll definitely be back to the Cathedral soon though so I can have a proper look round, take lots of photos and also head up to the rather impressive Necropolis.

This week looks to be a very quiet one. Eujin is on holiday again (lucky girl!) so I’m alone for the week which means it’ll be rather lonely unfortunately. However it does give me a good opportunity to save some money and crack on with both my written induction and also a long-distance learning course I’ve signed up to through work, on the subject of equality and diversity. There’s both a workbook and end of unit assessments that need to be done so hopefully I can crack on with that and finish the first two units well before the November deadline. Over the next few weeks I also need to get my act together with regards to my postgraduate applications. My first deadline is UCL (University College London) which is 9th November – less than three weeks away now!! While I don’t actually want to move to London (yet!) I’ve reasoned that I should at least apply to all the universities  in case I don’t get offers from my top three choices (Edinburgh, Sheffield and Newcastle). Absolutely dreading the thought of having to write another bloody personal statement though. Also massively dreading the thought of rejection – but that’s a whole other blog post!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christine Laennec
    Oct 24, 2012 @ 18:48:44

    Both the afternoon tea and the evensong sound so appealing to me! I’m glad you’re making the most of Glasgow. Good luck with the personal statements. Maybe bash out a few drafts and then leave them to percolate for a few days?


  2. cmorrell90
    Oct 24, 2012 @ 19:32:11

    Thank you very much 🙂 Yeah I plan to do that (if I get time!) Luckily the deadlines are staggered so by the time I have to apply for the two universities I really want to go to, I should have already sent off three applications and be that bit more prepared!


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