Procrastination Station.

When I graduated I thought I’d left all thoughts of procrastination behind and would become a full-functioning, productive working adult. Apparently this is not the case.

I have a quite a lot to do over the next month –  I work full-time hours (shift work of various lengths and times), I have to start applying for my postgraduate course (there are 2 deadlines in November, with the rest in early December) and I’ve just been accepted onto a distance learning course which requires me to complete two units of work and two assignments before 16th November. In between all this I also have a few social arrangements here and there and a training course in Edinburgh. Thus, I’m going to be quite a busy bee, especially with my master’s applications, as I intend to do a lot of  reading about the subject to refresh my brain and get myself back into the academic mode and provide yet more material to help me write a mind-blowing amazing personal statement (I wish!) Obviously once I’ve written one personal statement I should be alright as I can just tweak the others as necessary which shouldn’t take too long, fingers crossed!

However I’m aware that, as soon as start thinking about deadlines, I start slipping back into my naughty student ways. This happened all the time at university and often ended up with me napping a lot more, having a really clean bathroom and putting on weight. Nothing has changed.

Today I did a cheeky 8-2.30pm shift which was absolutely great. As we were short-staffed I was really busy this morning and finally felt like a fully-fledged member of staff, instead of just an extra pair of hands. I then got to go out for a spot of shopping and lunch at Pizza Hut with two of our service users and another support worker, which was a really nice afternoon. I’ve had to spend a lot of the time in the house the past month, instead of out on ‘daycare’, probably because I’m obviously still the new girl. However, bit by bit I’m allowed out more and more and, instead of just simply shadowing, I’m supporting people 1:1 which is a great feeling.

Anyway I digress (as always!). After my shift I planned to do my washing, tidy my bedroom and bathroom fully before completing the first unit of my course. Instead, I spent a lot of time on my bed watching telly, before making a to-do list (a key procrastination tool) and the promptly falling asleep for over two hours. Now I’m sat here blogging and watching the Big Bang Theory. After this I’ll eat, watch more Big Bang and then watch a documentary on BBC Three. At no point will I even think about doing my coursework. Of course, I’ve set my alarm for tomorrow nice and early so I can quickly get ready and smash through the first part of the workbook before I start work at 3pm. In all probability, instead of waking up at nine and starting work for ten, I’ll be lucky if I’ve even managed breakfast before half ten.

The work will get done by the allocated deadline. Heck, it’ll probably be done a few days before each deadline. It just won’t get done tonight. Or tomorrow.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. grayblogs
    Oct 24, 2012 @ 21:35:30

    I’m glad someone else procrastinates with endless episodes of Big Bang!x


  2. happyflowerwordzoo002
    Oct 24, 2012 @ 21:42:46

    Man we’ve all ben there. Like the touches of humour in this post.
    For me I had to determine what was core of my procrastination and understand when tub scrubbing was form of pre-writing or a deadlier procrastination due to an issue.
    Much success in all your projects 🙂


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