Pre-Birthday Celebrations!

I kicked off my early birthday celebrations this weekend with a visit from one of my favourite people in the world, April. She travelled up all the way from London just to come and see me which was fantastic – it was so good to finally see her and catch up properly, as well as to finally show my friends just how great a city Glasgow is and what life is like up here in Scotland.

Typically the weather yesterday was awful but, once I’d dutifully collected her from the platform at Queen Street Station, we decided to head out for a rather rainy walking tour of Glasgow. We first decided to head slightly east and make our way to the Cathedral and Necropolis. While I ventured to the Cathedral for the first time last week, I’d never made it up to the Necropolis before, so it was great (if not a little creepy) to finally see it for myself. It’s actually pretty damn cool and the views of Glasgow from the top are just amazing.

Stained Glass in the Cathedral


After we’d had a little wander around there, we headed back to the main city centre to the Trongate Gallery. I’ve been here a few times as part of the project ability day care class one of my service users attends but I’ve never had chance to look round properly so it was good to finally see more of the print studio and some of the photography exhibitions.

Posing outside the excellent Mrs.Mitchell’s Sweetieshop on Trongate

Our next port of call was CUP Tea Lounge which not only does gorgeous cupcakes but some amazing cocktails which I’ve been dying to try for ages. We both opted for a Millionaire Shortbread Cocktail which consists of  ‘Briottet Caramel shaken with mozart chocolate liqueur shaken hard and served up with finely crumbled toasted biscuits’ – absolute heaven. The place inside is also beautifully decorated and full of big comfy sofas so I would definitely recommend it as one of the best cafes in town.

CUP Tea Lounge


For dinner that evening we headed over to the West End and to a wonderful Scottish pub called Oran Mor, which is Gaelic for ‘great melody of life’ or ‘big song’. The pub actually used to be the Kelvinside Parish Church and inside it is beautiful – there was even a jazz band playing which just added to the atmosphere even more. No trip to Scotland would be complete without some haggis, so naturally we just had to have the traditional meal of haggis, neeps and tatties. The food was delicious and really reasonably priced so I’ll definitely be bringing more friends here whenever I get chance.

Food Glorious Food!

Of course  no birthday celebration would be complete without some cheeky cocktails so headed down to the brilliantly named Vodka Wodka for a few drinks. I had a spiced pear mojito which was lovely and some kind of raspberry concoction with Jack Daniels that was surprisingly pleasant after a few sips! It was a lovely way to round off what had been a fantastic afternoon/evening in the city 🙂

Ashton Lane

Cocktail time!

This morning, as it was nice and dry, we decided to walk into town and build up an appetite ready for a good old Scottish breakfast at Wetherspoons before April had to leave and get on the train. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Wetherspoons up here has a special Scottish section of the menu so I’ll be making many more trips there in the near future!

Scottish Breakfast! 

I was rather sad to put my friend on the train and say goodbye – it felt like she was only just getting to see the real Glasgow and I loved how easily it felt like we were back at uni, like we’d never been apart really. However, I have no doubt that she’ll be up and visiting numerous times over the next year so I know I’ll be seeing her smiling face soon! It was great to finally have one of my close friends come and visit my new house and it was just the boost I needed after a rather stressful week. Tomorrow is my actual birthday so I’m sure they’ll probably be more celebrating (and drinking) then – once work is out the way of course!


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