Tea for two and a slice of homesickness.

Today I took Eujin for her first experience of a proper afternoon tea at the rather nice Thistle Hotel in Glasgow.  We were lucky enough to get an absolute bargain on Groupon which meant we got a sparkling tea for two consisting of a glass of prosecco, sandwiches, three gorgeous cakes each (a delicious milk and white chocolate slice, a cream filled meringue with fruit and a mini strawberry tart), scones with jam and cream and a massive pot of tea all for only £9 which was brilliant!

Afternoon Tea! 

Eujin enjoying a glass of bubbly! 

After a very long and leisurely lunch we indulged in some well-deserved retail therapy and I managed to pick up my mum’s Christmas present – a pair of really cute Radley slippers which she’ll hopefully love! I’ve been so organised this year and I’ve now brought all my family presents so now I only have the friends to do which is good, plus I already have ideas for most people so I’m pretty sorted. Makes a nice change from rushing around and doing all my shopping on the 23rd December for once!

Lucky lady! 

Even though I had a really lovely day, tonight I’ve started to have my first proper pangs of homesickness for both Lancaster and Nottingham. I’m not only missing my student days and my Northern girls but I’m missing the best friend and all the home crew so so much. I especially miss the freedom of home and just being able to drive to the pub, or to the bestie’s house or just wherever and spend a couple of hours with them lazing about  and having them put the smile on my face. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Glasgow but I’ve been feeling a bit fed-up and empty the last few days. I think part of it is because life revolves around work and uni applications at the moment and will do for the foreseeable future which is a drag. I’m not able to de-stress and relax in the usual ways with the usual people and I miss that and I miss them. It’s been 9 weeks since I left home which is the longest I’ve ever been away and I’m really starting to feel that now unfortunately, although I suppose it’s not really surprising.

I think the fact that Christmas is approaching is making things that bit tougher as well. Usually by now I’d be making lots of festive plans with the uni girls and planning my reunion with everyone at home and even though I sometimes tough it out and joke that I won’t be home until February probably, I don’t half wish I could nip home for a cheeky Christmas visit. Even though I have a few visitors making the journey up North soon (which I am rather excited about!) I would actually like to visit the places I miss as well as the people.

What I miss most is feeling close to the people I love the most. I feel a little bit detached from everyone at the moment, both physically and emotionally. I’m pretty awful at keeping in contact with people and weeks slip by before I realised I haven’t sat down and had a proper chat with someone in far too long but, no matter how many phone calls or texts or emails, it’s just not the same as that feeling when you know you’ll be seeing someone and you’re giddy at the thought of having an emotional reunion at the train station. I know this is all my own fault – I knew when I moved away the implications and what this would mean and I guess I just tricked myself into thinking that things wouldn’t change and we’d all remain a close-knit bunch. More selfishly and naively I thought it’d be much easier to build the gaps in geography than it is. I know I need to get better at staying in contact with people and I suppose writing this post has made me realise that I need to sit down and actually make some effort (which is a good realisation, if not a little overdue!). I think a lot of phone chats and skypes might be occurring over the next week or two.


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