Step into Christmas.

The Christmas season has officially started – I’ve now had my first mulled cider, seen the Coke advert numerous times and watched Home Alone and it’s not even December yet!

Today me and Eujin got well and truly into the festive spirit by heading to the Glasgow Christmas Market for a cheeky mulled beverage. However, before that we went for an absolutely gorgeous lunch at Qua, a great family-run Italian restaurant in the Merchant City area. I know I often recommend the restaurants I visit but this place is seriously good and an absolute bargain – a delicious two-course lunch is only £5.95 which is just amazing really!

Enjoying some Bruschetta 

Scottish Mussels with Penne pasta in a tomato, garlic and chilli sauce

After this we had a good look round the shops  (yet more bloody Christmas shopping!) and then headed over to the Market in St.Enoch Square. If I’m being totally honest I expected it to be a lot bigger, for a city the size of Glasgow it’s actually quite small. However there are quite a few stalls and a cute festive lodge that sells traditional mulled wine and cider alongside other wintery drinks such as Amaretto Punch. I opted for a mixed berry mulled cider which was lovely and very warming – any excuse!

Mulled treats!

To keep the Christmas theme going when we got home we settled down and watched Home Alone on Channel 4 with a big bar of chocolate and a cheeky bottle of wine. After a bit of a crappy week, today was just the boost I needed and I’m now feeling stupidly excited for Christmas, even though I know it’s only mid-November! Obviously it’ll be really strange not spending it at home with the family and I think a few cheeky tears may be shed on Christmas morning but I’m ecstatic that I get to see my parents in three weeks time and have an early celebration then 🙂 Not sure if Glasgow is quite ready for the Morrell-Bevans clan yet though!


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