St. Andrew’s Day.

Yesterday was St. Andrew’s Day (the patron saint of Scotland in case you didn’t know!)  so, as honorary Scots, me, Eujin and our friend Sophie thought it would be rude not to head down to St. George’s Square in Glasgow and see what was cracking off! Admittedly we didn’t start off on the most patriotic footing, snubbing traditional Scottish fare for that old Portuguese classic – Nando’s.

However, once we headed to George Square, it’s safe to say we definitely embraced the best of Scottish culture. There were a number of various acts on involving a lot of bagpipes, highland dancing and lots and lots of tartan. The best act by far were an amazing bagpipe rock band, Bags of Rock, that were just brilliant. They did a lot of their own tracks, which were quite good, but my favourites were the covers. Not only did they cover Kasabian, Franz Ferdinand, Muse and The Fratellis, they also did a version of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance (or Bag Romance as they fondly call it on their website). Gaga with bagpipes – whatever next!


Me and Sophie posing proudly with our flags! 


Waiting for Bags of Rock


The band

I had an absolutely fantastic evening, the gig was brilliant and everyone was dancing (or head-banging in some cases) away and waving their Scottish flags proudly which made for a really good atmosphere. There was also a rather interesting pair of tartan-clad elderly ladies that were rocking out quite enthusiastically which I loved.  It was definitely one of those nights that I’d probably only ever experience up here and just generally a very fun, if not slightly surreal, Friday night!  Happy St. Andrew’s Day everyone 🙂


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    Dec 02, 2012 @ 20:30:02

    Hey..Bags Of Rock drummer here.. thanks for your kind words. We had a great night. So glad you enjoyed the show… keep in touch with us on facebook at
    Cheers nooooooo !
    AB x


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