Family Night, Stirling Castle and Loch Lomond!

As some of you may know, this weekend my parents came up to visit me in sunny Scotland! I was literally so excited to see them after all this time that Friday evening just could not come round quick enough. Friday night was also family night at work, which is basically when all our service users and the staff invite their families to the house so everyone can have a Christmas get-together complete with lots of food and alcohol. It was so good to have my parents up here so they could finally see where I was living and working and meet everyone and just get to know a bit more about life in Glasgow. The event was also a really good opportunity for me to meet the families of our service users and the staff which was interesting! All in all I had a great evening catching up with the ‘rents and with all the guys at work 🙂


Me, Mum & Brian at Family Night

The next day, after a lot deliberating, we decided to head up to Stirling and visit Stirling Castle. None of us had ever been before and, as it was one of the attractions I wanted to see while in Scotland, it actual made perfect sense for us to visit this weekend (especially as my stepdad had the car to drive us!) The castle itself was massive and it took us all afternoon to look round properly as there was so much interesting stuff to see. All three of us had a brilliant time and, even though it was little misty and overcast, the views from the Castle were pretty spectacular. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to explore the actual city itself but its definitely been added onto my list of places to visit!


Stirling Castle


Big Kid!

That evening we headed into Glasgow city centre for dinner and, as Glasgow is the so-called Curry Capital of Britain, we ended up at an Indian on Sauchiehall Street. I haven’t been out for Indian in ages so it made a nice change from all the Haggis and Pasta I normally live on! It was also nice to be treated to a meal out and not have to worry about the cost of anything, so thank you Mum & Brian (they’re avid readers of the blog so I’m sure they’ll see this!)


My beautiful Mother 🙂

I couldn’t let my mum visit Scotland for the first time without seeing the beautiful Loch Lomond so this morning we headed to the village of Luss which is just lovely. Although I’ve been there before, it was good to finally be able to show my parents one of my favourite places and we were really lucky with the weather as well which was a bonus! For lunch we headed to the Duck Bay Restaurant which overlooks the Loch and was highly recommended to me by several people at work. I opted for a beef burger with chips, coleslaw and Diane sauce – it was such a large portion that even I couldn’t finish it. The food was great though as was the setting (and the company I suppose!) and it was the perfect way to round off the weekend.


Loch Lomond



Duck Bay

Overall, I’ve had an absolutely fantastic weekend and I was really gutted that they had to leave so soon. Even though I’m used to being apart from them, for once it was really difficult to say goodbye and I’m not ashamed to say that I actually burst into tears, which was as much a shock for them as it was for me. I think maybe it was because I realised that this year I won’t be spending Christmas at home and it’ll be at least February probably before I can go back to Nottingham and visit. However, I’m so glad they managed to find the time to come up and its nice knowing that they’ve come up here and have seen how well I’m getting on and how much I’m enjoying myself. Fingers crossed they’ll hopefully make it up again at some point in the not too distant future!


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  1. christinelaennec
    Dec 13, 2012 @ 18:15:13

    How great that you had such a good visit. Bursting into tears is just a sign of the closeness and love that you share, and of the good memories you made together. You probably have heard the Scottish saying: “Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again”.


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