The Fourth Month.

Apart from Christmas and New Year, the biggest thing to happen this past month was my Newcastle Interview yesterday. It actually went surprisingly well – I feel I did quite well in the problem-solving activities and my presentation went smoothly. I’m not optimistic that I’ll get a place, as it was glaringly obvious that I just do not have enough relevant work experience, but I am pleased with how I performed so I’m happy. I also got to have a lovely catch-up with one of friends from Uni, Lucy – we went to Revs after the interview for a few cheeky cocktails and pizza which was a great way to unwind after quite an intense day! With regards to the whole postgraduate situation I still haven’t heard from any of the other universities so no updates there I’m afraid. Weirdly though, the more I think about it the more I’m warming to the idea of heading back home for a year and finally earning some decent money!

While this month has been quite eventful what with Christmas and everything, the past few weeks have been very quiet as I’ve spent most of my time preparing for my interview, which was pretty dull I must say! However, I have a feeling this month with be a whole different story. It’s going to be quite an interesting time as a lot of things will change over the next few weeks. Eujin heads back to Korea on 29th January and then Rosie finishes her placement on 10th February so I’ll have to say goodbye to the two people I’m closest to here within a fortnight which is quite sad. However, my new flatmate from Columbia (so exotic!) ,arrives on the 2nd February so I’m looking forward to meeting her. Also I should have definitely heard from all my applications by this time next month so I’ll finally have more of an idea of what life post-Glasgow holds for me. As well as that, there’s lots of good stuff to look forward to – I’ll be spending lots of time out and about with the girls before they leave and my best friend is coming to visit this weekend which I am so excited for 🙂 I know I say this every month, but I can’t believe I’m a third of the way through my placement.  Time really is just flying by at the moment!


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  1. christinelaennec
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 18:51:19

    Oh, I’m glad the interview went well and you felt you’d done your best. There’s nothing you can change about the amount of experience you have, except keep on trying. I hope your farewells and hellos aren’t too sad, and that you get some good news soon.


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