Screw the diet.

I realise that the past few blog post have mainly revolved around my postgraduate applications and interviews and such forth and I haven’t actually wrote about what I have been up to in Glasgow. Admittedly, I haven’t been up to a lot lately but I have been for a few lovely meals with the girls that I’ll briefly fill you in on!

Last Thursday, me, Rosie and Eujin headed to TGI Fridays at Braehead to spend our gift cards from work and have a much-needed catch-up. I love TGIs although it’s not a place a visit often at all, so it made a really nice change from the usual restaurants we’d visit. I had some gorgeous loaded potato skins to start and then a rather spicy Chicken quesadilla for my main. The highlight by the far though was the Ice Cream cocktail I had for dessert – so amazing! I had a great night and it was nice to finally unwind and relax with both of them, as it had been so long since the three of us had been together properly due to Christmas and everything.

734110_461482237245645_275055774_nMe and Eujin at TGI

The following Tuesday we decided to treat ourselves yet again and this time headed into Glasgow city centre for a trip to La Tasca for a tapas night. Luckily I had a 2-4-1 voucher so we managed to get four tapas dishes (chicken and chorizo paella, calamari,  meatballs and more chicken with chorizo in a creamy sauce) and two glasses of Sangria for £14 which is pretty good value. Apparently we saved £27 altogether which is just amazing really!  La Tasca is one of my favourite restaurant chains and, as with TGI, it had been ages since I last visited (or had Tapas in general) so again it made a nice change and I had an other lovely evening spending some quality time with the girls before we go our separate ways/they leave me up here!

408435_461482963912239_216790142_nMe and Rosie posing with our Sangria. 

001 (3)Tapas feast! 

This week I’m taking a break from eating out and actually doing some proper cooking at home – shock horror! My best friend is coming to stay tomorrow, if she can get here without too much disruption because of the bad snow in England (we have no whatsoever here, gutted!), so we’re planning a nice chilled out weekend full of DVDs and spending quality time together. Being the excellent host I am, I’ve decided to pretend I’m Nigella and cook some snazzy food which could be an absolute disaster. Fingers crossed it doesn’t all go up in smoke, literally!



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