The Return to Lancaster.

As most of you know, this weekend I headed back to my beloved university city of Lancaster for the first time since graduation! It was so strange arriving at the station but, within hours, it genuinely felt like I had never been away. The plans for the weekend were simple – catch-up with all my pals, go out two nights in a row and generally just act like a student again!

Upon arriving in Lancaster on Friday evening, I met my friend Lucy at the station and we headed straight to the Travelodge we were staying at (Lucy kindly let me crash in her room, bless her!). After a quick change, it was time to start having a few cheeky drinks before two of my closest friends from Uni, Sadie and Becky, arrived so we could all go out into town. We did our standard tried and tested route of Hustle, which is a small bar/club that’s a bit of a dive but plays decent music and sells numerous novelty shots (what more could you want!), followed by Sugar- the student nightclub which essentially became a bit like a second home to me during my time at uni. I had an absolutely cracking night with the girls and it felt so good to just let my hair down properly!


Lucy and Me

The next morning, me and Lucy decided to head to The Borough, which is one of our favourite restaurants in Lancaster, so we could treat ourselves to a big cooked breakfast. I couldn’t appreciate it as much as I normally could but it still tasted pretty damn good and helped sort me out nicely. After that I pottered about town for a bit before meeting Becky so we could discuss the previous night and prepare for our next night out. Our preparations mainly involved heading back to her flat so we could snuggle up and watch Bridget Jones – perfect Saturday afternoon!


Big Borough Breakfast



That evening, me, Becky and Sadie all headed to our friend Adam’s 21st Birthday Party. I used to work with Adam so it gave me a great opportunity to catch-up with him and all my old work friends who I haven’t seen or spoken to properly since I left back in June. Although it was a slightly quieter night than the previous one, I still had a great night and absolutely loved being able to spend more time with the girls and everyone else.


Sadie, Becky and Myself 

Overall I had a fantastic weekend and it felt so good to be back in Lancaster and to properly see everyone again. For a short while it did just feel like I was a young undergraduate once more and I have to admit, I felt pretty sad at the prospect of having to head back to Glasgow. Luckily though, tomorrow I’m heading back home for 9 amazing days. I actually cannot wait to see all my family and friends again and just enjoy being back in Nottingham with my nearest and dearest. My week is already looking really full and I’ve got a lot of exciting plans in place which I’m sure you’ll hear all about in many future blog posts – lucky you!


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  1. christinelaennec
    Mar 02, 2013 @ 22:01:26

    Have fun!


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