Mother’s Day.

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I surprised my mum with lunch at a really nice Chinese Restaurant. Because of being away at university (amongst various other things) this was the first time in probably about four years since I last spend any proper quality time with my mum on Mothering Sunday. In general, we do struggle to make time for one another properly so it made a nice change for just the two of us to spend some time together before I headed back to Scotland.

I took my mum to Mr. Man’s, a local restaurant next to Wollaton Park in Nottingham. Neither of us had visited the restaurant before, so it was a bit of a gamble, although it was highly recommended to me by several of my friends. Luckily, the food lived up to it’s reputation. It was buffet so there were plenty of different dishes on offer, including some rather unusual combinations that I personally had never tried before – the mussels in black bean sauce were particularly delicious! The restaurant itself also has a really nice atmosphere and is rather beautifully decorated in the traditional Chinese style.

002What a babe!





My mum was really taken aback with the surprise and seemed to enjoy herself (and the food!) a lot which was great. We had a lovely lunch and it was a very fitting way to end what had been a fantastic trip back home. It was also good to be able to treat her as, let’s face it, she definitely deserves it 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day Mum, you’re the best!


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