The Halfway Point.

Tomorrow marks the sixth month anniversary of me moving to Glasgow. Honestly, I really cannot believe that I am now over half-way through my placement – I’ll actually be leaving at the end of August, instead of mid-September as originally planned, as my postgraduate course starts on Monday 9th September (less than six months now!) This means I have five and a half months left here, which is actually quite a scary thought.

The past month has been very up and down. The highs have been just fantastic – I have a great weekend in Lancaster catching up with old friends and then an even better week in Nottingham with all my nearest and dearest. Equally though, I admit I’ve spent the majority of the last  month feeling quite lonely in a way and wishing that I could just be in London already. I’ve struggled a lot since Eujin and Rosie left and I think recently it’s finally dawned me just h0w far away all of my close friends live and how much I need at least some of them to be that bit nearer.

However, going home was actually a really positive step for me. Admittedly, there was a big part of me was simply dreading getting back on that train and I was really quite upset for a wee while. Once I got back to Glasgow though and saw everyone at work and such forth, it wasn’t long before I started to feel a lot better. Having a change in scenery was just what I needed and I’ve come back feeling refreshed and determined to make the most of my remaining time in Glasgow. I know I say this every month but here is so much I need to see in both the city and the country as a whole and I finally feel like now is the time to make good on that promise and finally do it.

I’ve decided to start small and work on seeing some of Glasgow’s most famous attractions initially before I go travelling off throughout bonny Scotland. I have a 3 day weekend so my plan is to finally head to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, which is apparently Glasgow’s most popular free attraction and then maybe spent some time in the West End window-shopping and eating cake (perfect Saturday!). Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day and the plan is to spend all day in Waxy O’Connor’s, an Irish pub in the city centre. There’s going to be live music and DJs and plenty of alcohol so I think it should be a pretty good day! In between nursing my hangover on Monday, I’ll also be volunteering at the Red Cross shop on Byres Road again. I’ve done about four proper shifts so far which I’ve enjoyed a lot, plus I get 20% staff discount and first pick on all new donations. I managed to get an Urban Outfitters cardigan which should have cost about £40 for only £3.60 when I was on shift yesterday – absolute bargain!

Looking further ahead I have no real plans beyond this weekend, except for my friend Hannah hopefully coming to visit in mid-April. I haven’t seen her since before Christmas so I’m already extremely excited to see her again and show her all that Glasgae has to offer. However I’m sure that between now and then a lot will probably happen, as it always does with me!


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