The Barras.

Yesterday morning I decided to brave the gale-force winds and venture over to the east end of Glasgow so I could finally have my first experience of The Barras. For those of you that don’t know, The Barras is a famous fleas market that basically sells bric-a-brac, antiques and a selection of dodgy designer knock-offs. However, it’s also meant to be a real experience for the atmosphere and all the Glasgae ‘patter’ (or banter) that you encounter.



I had high hopes for The Barras when I arrived but, unfortunately, I found the whole experience a little disappointing. The market itself was quite sparse and it had very little of the vibrant atmosphere I’d been expecting. Also, most of the stuff was just not appealing to me and my tastes so I was unable to find a hidden gem amongst the rubbish. Admittedly, I did choose to go on a day that was freezing and extremely windy and it was relatively early when I arrived so I understand people may not have been out in their droves. Thus, I would be more than willing to go again, maybe on a Saturday afternoon when the weather is that bit nicer and warmer. It wasn’t entirely a wasted trip though as I can now say I’ve ventured to the East of the city (and survived!)


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  1. kelvingrove2013
    Mar 25, 2013 @ 15:28:58

    Sadly the glory days of the Barras have long since gone and it deals mostly in counterfeit goods. I read a report that stated that in one month £2.5 million (yes million) worth of counterfeit goods had been seized.
    That is a lot of “knock offs”

    You should have ventured just a little further to the People’s Palace.


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