St. Mungo’s Museum

On Sunday I finally went for a look round St. Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life and Art. I’ve been up to the Cathedral and Necropolis several times but never ventured into the museum itself before. However, I’m so glad I did as I found it really quite fascinating  I’m not religious at all myself but I do find the concept of religion an interesting one and I think it’s always good to learn more about other cultures and their practices etc.

The museum itself was actually a lot bigger and more comprehensive than I envisaged it to be. The ground floor is mainly made of a shop and cafe although there is a Buddhist Zen garden which overlooks the Cathedral and is surprisingly peaceful. The first floor is then split between a display of religous art and one of religious life. Both of which were really informative and full of some really interesting pieces to look at. One of the great things about St. Mungo’s is also the fact that, when I went at least, it was nice and quiet with no children running about all over the place – bliss!



Zen Garden


Stained Glass



In the temporary exhibition gallery they had a great exhibition entitled ‘Under the Gods: Stories from Soho Road’, a collection of photos showcasing the religious diversity within a three-mile stretch of Soho Road, Birmingham. This was probably my highlight of the whole museum as it was a fantastic exhibition (I enjoy photography anyway) and it was something a little different compared to the other exhibitions on offer. In the middle of the gallery there was also a display cabinet full of different religious items such as prayer flags etc that represented the religions featured in the photographs which added to the exhibition.


Under The Gods Display

The top floor of the museum also has a great vantage point of the Catherdral and Necropolis which is well worth a look. Unfortunately the sun was no longer shining  but it was still a pretty great view.



View from the top


Outside of St. Mungo’s 

All in all, I’d really recommend a wee trip to St. Mungo’s – it was interesting and informative and the Cathedral Square is well worth the 10 minute stroll from the city centre.


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