Balloch,Bridesmaids and Brunch.

This weekend my pal Hannah very kindly came up to visit me. She actually only came up to visit in April so I was pleasantly surprised that she was making the journey up again so soon and, I’m not going to lie, I was mega excited to see her come Saturday morning!

Hannah had never been to Loch Lomond before so, as the weather was thankfully dry, I decided to take her up to Balloch on the train and show her Lomond Shores and the beautiful country park. We went for lunch at the Kilted Skirtie at Lomond Shores (I had a rather nice Haggis burger) and then had a wee ice cream from Thorntons – the Honeycomb Caramel Cup is to die for – before heading off on a walk around the village.


The Loch


Me and Hannah


Balloch Pier

For a change, instead of going out for a meal and cocktails or whatever, we decided to stay in on Saturday night and buy some nibbles and just have a really chilled girly film night. I’m glad we did because I had an absolutely lovely evening. It was so nice to just be able to chill with someone and chat about silly things and it was just like when we used to live together at uni. Evenings like that are definitely the thing I miss the most about living with the girls. We also watched Bridesmaids which is one of my favourite films ever and always has me in stitches – if you haven’t seen it yet you really must!

On Sunday morning I decided to take Hannah up to the West End for breakfast. I’d heard really good things about a wee cafe on Dumbarton Road called Tribeca so I thought it was finally time to try it – it was definitely worth the risk. I opted for French Toast with maple syrup and melted butter which was just delicious. The portions were huge as well so, although it’s a little pricey, it was more than worth it. Hannah had a pancake stack with nutella and chopped banana that also just looked brilliant. Safe to say, I’ll definitely try and head down there again soon!


Breakfast of Kings

To walk off all that food, we headed to Kelvingrove Museum for a wee wander around the exhibitions. I’ve been to Kelvingrove before but I still enjoyed myself and there’s no denying that the building itself is pretty impressive. However, it was soon time to head back into the city centre and get Hannah safely onto her train. As always, I was very sad to say goodbye and wanted more than anything to just hop on that train with her. However, I’m actually in a really good mood at the moment – work’s going well and I’ve had some good day trips with the guys to Xcape and hydrotherapy – plus I’ve just booked tickets to Lancaster ready to celebrate Becky’s graduation. Absolutely buzzing for a BIG night out with the girls, it has been far too long!


A spontaneous trip in the sun…

Yesterday the sun finally decided to put its hat on and come out to play so, I thought where better to spend a nice sunny afternoon that down at beautiful Loch Lomond. The whole trip was really quite spontaneous. Originally, I’d planned to have a wander round Glasgow, grab some lunch and then spend my afternoon in the cinema. However, as the weather has been pretty awful this past week, I found myself with a sudden urge to get outside and go somewhere a bit different. Literally I walked past Queen Street station and the next thing I knew I’d brought tickets to Balloch – very uncharacteristic!

It was a great decision in the end. My first port of call was Lomond Shores, which is a small retail gateway to the loch. Although I had a wee browse round the shops (my favourite being the department store Jenners, mainly for it’s fantastic food hall!), I was really there for the fantastic view.  Honestly, it was just beautiful.


Loch Lomond


Shopping Area


Balloch Pier

After stopping to admire the view and enjoy the sun on my back (I’d even whipped out my denim jacket it was that warm!) I then toddled off towards Balloch Castle and the country park. The walk up to the castle itself is lovely, as you go past the river and then through a nice wooded area before making the wee climb up to the castle. Unfortunately the castle is not open to the public and while it’s only a tiny wee thing in comparison to other castles, it looked pretty special in the sunshine. The castle itself is also a rather good vantage point for the loch – as you may be able to tell I was getting pretty snap happy by this point in the afternoon!


Boats on the river


Into the woods



The Castle


Lovely view 🙂 

Unfortunately, it’s apparently meant to rain most of next week so I’m really chuffed I made the decision to make the journey while the weather was good. After the success of this adventure, I’m definitely hoping to make some more spontaneous trips in the near future – who knows where I’ll end up next!

A trip to Loch Lomand

Yesterday I decided to go on my first proper adventure outside of Glasgow and headed to Luss, a picturesque village in Loch Lomand. I set off on the train to Balloch which only took about forty minutes (and was an absolute bargain at £3.50 for a return!) From there I met Rosie and she gave me a quick tour of the town, which is on the very edge of Loch Lomand, before catching a bus to Luss.

Luss is tiny and, admittedly, there isn’t actually a lot there but it is simple lovely. The main street has lots of gorgeous cottages and this leads down to the Loch which is just beautiful.

The Loch

We also got to experience part of a traditional Scottish wedding at the village church which was a great experience. There were lots of men in kilts (be still my beating heart!) and a traditional bagpiper at the church entrance and even the vicar got involved and wore some red tartan trousers! That would DEFINITELY never happen in England!


Of course, no afternoon out is complete without some tea and cake. We found a really cute cafe just off the main street which was very traditionally Scottish – the waiters wore kilts (accessorized with converse trainers no less!) and they even had tartan crockery which I now want for the flat!

Scottish blend tea and a cheeky slice of Lemon Drizzle Cake

We then walked off the cake and managed to climb quite a large hill that gave use great views of the Loch – unfortunately we got a little diverted from our planned route so in essence were a little lost but we made it back safely eventually!

All in all I had a great little trip 🙂 Today was also pretty decent as I spent most of it shopping for either food or clothes. There was a vintage clothing fair on at Glasgow SU and I managed to pick up three beautiful shirts for £20 so I was pretty chuffed. One of them was a dark green Barbour checked shirt which is just so baggy and comfy. The other two were cute little floral numbers that will look pretty cool with my new grey skinny jeans. I might even wear one next week for my little trip to Edinburgh!

This week looks like it might be quite good – work shifts seem pretty decent (I don’t start until 3pm tomorrow) and I’m at work with Eujin for three out of five shifts so that should be nice 🙂 Don’t have a lot planned socially until Saturday but,if the last few days are anything to go by, who knows what I’ll end up doing over the next few days!