Charity Shop Chic.

As some of you may know, alongside my role as a full-time CSV, I also volunteer once a week at the new Red Cross Charity shop on Byres Road in the West End of Glasgow. I absolutely love being back in a charity shop and, dare I say it, back in retail once more. Although I moaned about it a lot (especially when I spent most of my summer holidays stuck on the shopfloor being moaned at by irate customers), I am essentially a people person and I d enjoy having a wee blether with the nice customers that come up to my till.

Anyway, the other evening our shop held a special late-night shopping event complete with cupcakes, cava, competitions and some excellent new stock straight from the high street. The Red Cross is lucky enough to receive left-over stock etc. straight from the factories of several high street brands – unfortunately I’m not a liberty to say which but they are good ones, I promise!  As I’d been at work all day I was unable to actually help out on the evening but I did make sure to pop down so I could grab myself a wee bargain.

The evening itself was great – the shop was really busy and staff were constantly having to put out new stock to fill the ever increasing gaps in the rails. It was also good to have a chat and catch-up with a few of the other volunteers that I don’t get to see as regularly so that was nice. Plus I got myself a gorgeous new jumper for only £8 which is always a bonus! I also had an armful of dresses which I tried on but thankfully none of them were quite right, otherwise it would have been a very dangerous trip.





The Shop



New Jumper

Fingers crossed now this night has been such a success they’ll be a few more similar events to come. I might volunteer next time though, just to try and save my bank balance a bit more!


Home Improvements

For me, one of the most exciting things about moving is being able to decorate my new room. Even though it’ll be pretty basic I’m planning on bringing a lot with me to make it more homely. I’ve just received an order of photos I had especially printed – I got a special offer which meant I got 50 prints free and only had to pay £1.49 P&P. Absolute bargain! The timing was perfect as well, as I had lots of photos from Graduation and my trip to Australia that I wanted to print ready for my new place. I’ve did the same thing last summer so I should  have about 100 photos to decorate my room with (just about enough I think!)

If I could afford to, I think I’d end up buying the whole of Cath Kidston, as I’m actually in love with her homeware collection at the moment. For now though, I’ll make do with a few pretty bits and bobs from Ikea and some of the cute independent shops we have in Nottingham. I might even have a rummage in some of the bigger charity shops to see if I can find any quirky bits to jazz up my room (we have an awesome Oxfam that sells really good vintage – I used to volunteer there during sixth form in actual fact). To be fair, I already have some seriously interesting ornaments (glittery skull anyone?) but, in my humble opinion, you can never have too many. I plan to get a couple of noticeboards as well so I can pin up letters, cards, gig tickets etc alongside all the photos – I already have two massive packs of pins at the ready! Now all I have to do is work out how to pack all this stuff to get it up there. Oh dear.

Days until the big move:15.