Charity Shop Chic.

As some of you may know, alongside my role as a full-time CSV, I also volunteer once a week at the new Red Cross Charity shop on Byres Road in the West End of Glasgow. I absolutely love being back in a charity shop and, dare I say it, back in retail once more. Although I moaned about it a lot (especially when I spent most of my summer holidays stuck on the shopfloor being moaned at by irate customers), I am essentially a people person and I d enjoy having a wee blether with the nice customers that come up to my till.

Anyway, the other evening our shop held a special late-night shopping event complete with cupcakes, cava, competitions and some excellent new stock straight from the high street. The Red Cross is lucky enough to receive left-over stock etc. straight from the factories of several high street brands – unfortunately I’m not a liberty to say which but they are good ones, I promise!  As I’d been at work all day I was unable to actually help out on the evening but I did make sure to pop down so I could grab myself a wee bargain.

The evening itself was great – the shop was really busy and staff were constantly having to put out new stock to fill the ever increasing gaps in the rails. It was also good to have a chat and catch-up with a few of the other volunteers that I don’t get to see as regularly so that was nice. Plus I got myself a gorgeous new jumper for only £8 which is always a bonus! I also had an armful of dresses which I tried on but thankfully none of them were quite right, otherwise it would have been a very dangerous trip.





The Shop



New Jumper

Fingers crossed now this night has been such a success they’ll be a few more similar events to come. I might volunteer next time though, just to try and save my bank balance a bit more!


The Italian Adventure pt.3 – Farewell Milan!

Although my friend unfortunately had morning lectures the day of my departure, I decided not to waste my final few hours in Milan and have a little wander round the city by myself.

My main aim for the day was to do lots of window shopping in the golden quadrangle, which is where all the best designer shops are located. Obviously, I could not afford a single thing in any of them but it was still fun to look at all the rather snazzy window displays and pretend I was a lot richer than I actually am! The majority of shops in this area are obviously clothes shops or jewellers However, as part of the gigantic Armani megastore, there is actually an amazing bookshop full of some really interesting books on fashion, art and culture in general. If I did have any money, it would definitely have been spent there!


Amazing cakes always catch my eye!

Designer bookshop

I ended up spending a lot more time shopping than planned (as always!) so I had to dash across the city for one final look at the Duomo before heading for lunch at a cute little restaurant, recommended to me by my friend. I’d already decided to have the Risotto Alla Milanese, another signature dish of Milan, which is basically risotto with saffron rice. Although it wasn’t my favourite meal of the trip, it was good to try a local speciality and something a little different. I can’t fault the restaurant at all though – they have a great selection of food at really reasonable places, plus its lovely inside!


Risotto Alla Milanese

Passerini Restaurant

After lunch it was finally time to head over to Bergamo Airport ready for my flight. However, I couldn’t leave Italy without having one final gelato (white chocolate, hazelnut and coconut – divine!) from Central Station. Likewise, to fully complete my gastronomical journey, I picked up a cheeky focaccia from the airport – it would have been rude not to really!

Overall I had a really great weekend and it was an absolutely brilliant early birthday present J This will, however, be my last holiday abroad for quite a while now due to the whole living on a budget thing which is a bit of a shame. However, there are lots of things I want to see in both Glasgow and Scotland as a whole, so I’m sure I’ll be kept more than entertained over the next year!