The Year Ahead.

Given the time of year (aka the beginning), I’ve been thinking a lot about what 2013 has in store for me. This year, probably more than any, all bets are off – I literally have no clue what is going to happen really. Of course, I know that September sees the end of my placement and another big move but I have no idea where or what I’ll even be doing really. Of course, I obviously do have some minor plans in place – I’m heading back home for a week in March which I’m rather looking forward to and it’s also my Nephew’s Christening so it’ll be great to finally meet the little fella! Plus, my best friend is coming to visit in a fortnight which I actually cannot wait for. I wasn’t sure if she’d make it up due to money and the journey and other such things so I’m really chuffed that she’s making this massive effort to come and see me for a few days 🙂 I’ve also planned a cheeky trip to Lancaster so I can visit my friend Becky and re-live my youth once more (well, for one or two nights anyway!) which should be pretty interesting to say the least!

Aside from that though the year is a blank canvas, which is quite unusual for me. Prior to this year, I always knew roughly what was in store, mainly because I was still in the cycle of education. Even last year, momentous as it was, had some sort of ‘plan’ – finish uni, graduate, head to Australia to celebrate and then get a job! Simple. This year everything seems that bit more open for some reason which is exciting but also quite frustrating. I personally like to look ahead and it would be great if I knew what the year had in store for me – if I make it onto a postgraduate course and where, or if not what I’ll end up doing back at home. I’m so sick of obsessively checking my emails to find out whether or not I’ve gained an interview or place – my nerves can’t handle the stress! For those wanting an update, I’m in the same position as I was before Christmas so I’m still waiting to hear from four universities. I expect Reading will reply pretty soon as it’s been over four weeks now, but the rest could make me wait until the end of January which would just be awful really.

In terms of live in Glasgow and Scotland in general, there’s a lot I want to do this year. I’m making a resolution to get out there and not only discover more of this great city but also more of the country. Christmas and all these applications etc. put all my exploring on hold so I’m excited to get back out there and find some hidden gems! However, I’ve also decided that I finally need to be sensible and save up some money this year so it’ll be interesting to see what I can get done on an even more limited budget. To be fair, I think I’ve done pretty alright so far, so it hopefully shouldn’t be too bad! In terms of my other resolutions I don’t really have any. I’d like to loose weight and be a bit more healthy but, let’s face it, I love my food far too much to ever make a drastic change in that department! Apart from that though, I think the main thing for me is to just keep enjoying life up here, stay positive and just go with the flow, whatever happens this year. Bring it on!