A quick update…

Hello again! I realise it has been a ridiculous amount of time since my last post so I apologise. If truth be told, I’d started to find blogging a bit of a chore and so thought it best to just take a wee break from it all for a while.

It’s actually been almost two months since my last post and it’s safe to say a lot has happened in that time period. One of my uni friends Sazeeda came and visited for a girly weekend of shopping, I’ve been down to London to finally see City Uni and meet everyone on the course, I went to Warsaw for a wee city break with my pal Craig before heading back home for 5 days and then, last weekend, I was on an epic highland road trip from Glasgow to John O’Groats. Reading it all back, it’s a wonder I even had time to consider blogging!


Me and Saz









A few from the Roadtrip!

I’m now well and truly in the last three months of my project which is really quite upsetting actually! Over the past couple of months I’ve just become so attached to Glasgow and everyone I support and work with and the thought of leaving this all behind is not a pleasant one.  It doesn’t help that, in all honesty, I’m still dreading the thought of being a student for another two years. I’m at a point now where I want to be in a proper, grown-up job, earning money and looking at getting my first house and things – instead I’ll be living off very little for yet another couple of years and I’ll be almost 25 before I even graduate which is just plain scary! I’m still pretty confident that I’ll enjoy the course once I’m into the swing of things but Id be lying if I said I hadn’t considered the possibility of dropping out of uni (already!)

Life has quietened down a bit now (thankfully!) so I’ll mainly be spending the next few weeks just making the most of being in Glasgow (no trips planned as of yet, for a few weeks at least!). This Sunday is the Glasgow Mela in Kelvingrove Park so fingers crossed we get a nice day for it and I can enjoy a few ciders in the sunshine!


Blazing a one woman tourist trail

In a bid to keep myself occupied I decided to compile a list of all the tourist attractions etc. I want to see and experience while I’m up in Scotland. Although I know money will be really very tight, I think it’s absolute waste to be not only in a city, but in a country such as Scotland and not try to see all the amazing things on my (metaphorical) doorstep. I thought I’d share part of this list on my blog, where I will undoubtedly see it most days, as a useful way of reminding myself to not just spend all my time off shopping or relaxing but to go out there, embrace a bit of culture and do a little bit of travelling around.


N.B. Just to clarify, none of these images are mine and were all found either on Wikipedia or through google images.


1. The Willow Tearooms

Number one on my list, mainly because I love tea and cake. However, designed by  the famous Glaswegian artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1904, it is a great example of his renowned work.

2. Glasgow School of Art

Again, another famous example of Mackintosh’s work. May also meet some beautiful, artistic types on my travels (a girl can dream anyway!)

3. Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

The most popular free attraction in Glasgow, need I say anything more!

4. The Barras

Located in the East end, this is basically a giant flea market – perfect for a bargain hunter such as myself!

5. Gig at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut

Not only does this place have a truly excellent name, it has a reputation for being one of the best live music venues in the country – plus I haven’t been to a gig in far too long!

6. Loch Lomand

Beautiful scenery and apparently it only takes about 35 minutes from Glasgow.

7. Loch Ness

The legendary Loch Ness – massively hoping I get a glimpse of the infamous monster!

8. Hogmanay in Edinburgh

Absolutely praying I have the night off work and find time to get over to Edinburgh and celebrate a traditional Scottish Hogmanay on NYE. Possibly one of my favourite cities in the world so I’m particularly excited about the prospect of this one!

9. Traditional Burns Supper

While I’ve celebrated Burns Night before, it’s always just been a simple affair in my local Wetherspoons pub. Hoping this time I can go all out to a traditional event, complete with the addressing of the Haggis.

10. John O’Groats

This is the big one, the most Northerly end of the longest distance between two points on the British Mainland. It is so far up, it would still take me at least 8 hours via train from Glasgow. However, as this is the nearest I’ll probably ever be, I may as well give it a go!

There are many many more places I plan on visiting but I thought I’d just share a tiny bit of the list for now!  Any further suggestions of places to see and be seen would be much appreciated – particularly anywhere a bit quirky and off the traditional tourist trail. Thanks 🙂

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