A quick update…

Hello again! I realise it has been a ridiculous amount of time since my last post so I apologise. If truth be told, I’d started to find blogging a bit of a chore and so thought it best to just take a wee break from it all for a while.

It’s actually been almost two months since my last post and it’s safe to say a lot has happened in that time period. One of my uni friends Sazeeda came and visited for a girly weekend of shopping, I’ve been down to London to finally see City Uni and meet everyone on the course, I went to Warsaw for a wee city break with my pal Craig before heading back home for 5 days and then, last weekend, I was on an epic highland road trip from Glasgow to John O’Groats. Reading it all back, it’s a wonder I even had time to consider blogging!


Me and Saz









A few from the Roadtrip!

I’m now well and truly in the last three months of my project which is really quite upsetting actually! Over the past couple of months I’ve just become so attached to Glasgow and everyone I support and work with and the thought of leaving this all behind is not a pleasant one.  It doesn’t help that, in all honesty, I’m still dreading the thought of being a student for another two years. I’m at a point now where I want to be in a proper, grown-up job, earning money and looking at getting my first house and things – instead I’ll be living off very little for yet another couple of years and I’ll be almost 25 before I even graduate which is just plain scary! I’m still pretty confident that I’ll enjoy the course once I’m into the swing of things but Id be lying if I said I hadn’t considered the possibility of dropping out of uni (already!)

Life has quietened down a bit now (thankfully!) so I’ll mainly be spending the next few weeks just making the most of being in Glasgow (no trips planned as of yet, for a few weeks at least!). This Sunday is the Glasgow Mela in Kelvingrove Park so fingers crossed we get a nice day for it and I can enjoy a few ciders in the sunshine!



Yesterday marked the seven month anniversary of my moving to Glasgow which now means I’m well and truly in the latter half of my project and definitely starting to think seriously about what life post-Scotland holds for me. While I’m incredibly excited to be moving down to London etc., a big part of me is absolutely petrified about becoming a student once more. The thought of house-hunting seems daunting to say the least and, even once that is sorted, there already seems like so much to prepare and sort between now and September. I have a post-offer applicant day on Friday 10th May, whereby I’ll finally get a tour of the university and find out a lot more about the course itself. This is great but I’m slowly starting to realise just how much form-filling etc I’ll have to go through for my bursary,  disclosure check and medical clearance test – I’m stressed out just thinking about it all to be honest.

Financially, I’ve totally forgotten what it’s like to pay rent or bills or even a full week of food shopping to be honest so having to budget for all these different things will be a massive change. I’m very lucky at the moment as most of my small income is pretty disposable whereas next year I’ll have to learn to cut back a lot on meals out and clothes shopping and all the other things I waste my money on currently!

My biggest worry though is the thought of going back into education. I am far too used to being in the world of work now and the thought of having to write essays and revise fills me with dread – all the academic knowledge I once had has very quickly disappeared and I feel like I’m starting from scratch again. At present, I really don’t feel up to the academic challenge of a postgraduate degree but hopefully, with a bit of prior reading etc., by the time I start I’ll feel a bit more confident in my academic abilities!

However, despite what the above paragraphs suggest I am so excited to get my stuck into the course and finally start training for my dream career and, in my heart of hearts, I’m pretty sure everything will work out fine as always. Fortunately, I’m prepared to work hard to get to where I want to be so that should stand me in good stead at least (fingers crossed anyway!).

With regards to life in Glasgow, this has been my first month back since my wee visit home and it’s actually been great. I’m out and about more, meeting new people, trying new places, having friends to visit and just generally enjoying making plans for the next few months. Over the next few weeks, my friend Sazeeda is coming up for a girly weekend and then I’ll be down in London for a few days and then I’m headed to Warsaw on a wee city break with my friend Craig, which is shaping up to be pretty amazing in itself. I’ll also have chance for a few days in Nottingham at the end of May which will be lovely 🙂 All in all, I’m back to my usual busy self which is the best way for me to be really! Probably won’t be saying that after my hectic 13 hour double shift tomorrow though…

London Calling.

Last night I got some of the best news I had in a while – I’ve been an offered a place on the PGDip/ MSc Speech and Language Therapy Course at City University, which means I’ll be moving to London at the beginning of September!! AHH. I am literally so excited, although the news still hasn’t properly sunk in. I can’t actually believe that in just 7 months I’ll be living down in London of all places. I’m a little bit apprehensive because the cost of living down South is just ridiculous but it’s just such a good opportunity I just can’t say no. I’ve always wanted to live in London so the fact that I’m actually getting chance to do so is just insane!

The course itself sounds really good. It’ll take two years to achieve my postgraduate diploma and after that I’ll be a fully qualified speech and language therapist. Additionally, I can choose to stay on for another 6-12 months and complete a research project and then obtain the full MSc qualification, although I’ll have to pay additional fees so I think, for now at least, I’ll stick with just the diploma and then see if I can maybe head back to uni a few years down the line to get my masters qualification. That’s obviously a very very long way from now though so I suppose we’ll see how things develop first!

Now that I actually have a plan I just feel so much happier and a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I admit that I was actually really starting to panic about life – I received a rejection from Reading University earlier in the day so it was a welcome change to finally have some good news. I’m now free to just enjoy the rest of my time up here without having to worry about what the future holds or being in some sort of weird limbo. I think this definitely calls for a few celebratory drinks tonight 🙂

London 2012.

I know this blog is meant to be about my adventures in Glasgow but I couldn’t resist posting about my recent trip to London, mainly because it was absolutely amazing! I’m lucky enough to have a close uni friend who lives just outside the city so I thought, before I head off up North, I’d take a trip to the South and hit the capital one last time (for the foreseeable future at least!)

I arrived there Wednesday afternoon and was immediately whisked to the beautiful Hummingbird Bakery, which is famous for its gorgeous cupcakes. I treated myself to a lovely Red Velvet Cupcake (their best seller) which was simply wonderful.

Me outside The Hummingbird

A beautifully packaged cake

Our next stop was the Natural History Museum. I’ve been to London many times before but never actually got round to doing many of the major museums (too busy shopping probably!) so I was really excited to finally visit NHM – safe to say it did not disappoint! I got to see the giant blue whale, dinosaurs, go in an earthquake simulator, see an actual human brain and do some optical illusions. All in all a cracking few hours! The buildng itself is also beautiful, so it’s well worth a visit if only for that.

Natural History Museum

No trip to London is complete without a cheeky visit to Harrods, so that was our next destination. We spent much of our time there in the food court, drooling over all the fantastic things on offer! We then decided to head up to Hyde Park as this was another landmark I hadn’t managed to visit before. It was a lovely summer evening so I definitely picked a prime time to go! Definitely one of my new favourite places in the capital.


Hyde Park in the Sunshine 🙂

On our way home we passed through Kings Cross Station so, as a Harry Potter fan, I just had to have my picture taken with the Platform 9 3/4 sign! So much fun!

By far the best thing about the new Kings Cross

That evening we just chilled at my friend’s house, attempting to cook a sophisticated meal for the family and pampering ourselves with face steaming (!) and face masks. We used to do this semi-regularly at uni so it was a lovely end to a fantastic first day.

Casually just steaming my face.

However, it was the Thursday that was the really big day – we had tickets to go and see the Paralympics!! I was so unbelievably excited, not only to see the athletics but to also visit the Olympic Park. The sun was shining, it was a beautiful London morning and as soon as we reached Stratford the atmosphere was just electric. I literally cannot describe just how epic (and massive) the Olympic Park is – its actually unbelievable.

The Olympic Stadium

Our view of the stadium!

We got to see some fantastic athletics, including the amazing British athlete Hannah Cockcroft who stormed her heat for the 200m race and the fantastic Li Duan, a Chinese blind Triple Jumper who really knows how to create a show for the crowd. Like I say, the atmosphere was just electric and, to say the tickets were a bargain at £10, it was well worth every penny, just for the sport alone!

Once the session had finished we decided to have a good look round the Olympic Park. It is actually massive. You also, as was to be expected, have to queue for everything. Apart from that though it is brilliant! There is just so much to see and do everywhere – they have buskers and street performers entertaining the crowds, lots of lovely food and drink places (especially the rather cool Street Market section which has a ridiculously good selection of grub), a London 2012 megastore for souvenirs, a park area which shows live paralympics action on two big screens outside and various art installations and other general attractions for the masses. It really is a day out in itself!

Souvenir megastore


The world’s biggest Mcdonald’s apparently

Street Entertainment

Outside the Velodrome

Outside the Orbit

After a very exciting day at the Olympic Park we then made our way further East to the Royal Emirates Docks to have a trip on the new cable cars built over the Thames. There are some amazing views of the city to be had, definitely well worth the £3 for a single trip, even if just for the experience alone!

Cable Cars

Millennium Dome/ 02 Arena

There’s also a tiny man-made “beach” next to the Docks so, of course, I just had to have a little paddle in the Thames.

Never thought I’d end up in the Thames

To round off the day we then headed to Tower Bridge (yet another landmark I’d never actually been to!) and Southbank, where we ended up watching more Paralympics on a big outdoor screen. When we won a gold medal everyone clapped which was cute!

Paralympic Symbol on Tower Bridge

All too soon however it was time for me to dash through central London and get the coach back home to Nottingham. I absolutely love London so this was the perfect way to start rounding off what has been an amazing summer. I definitely see myself going back again multiple times and, if I could ever afford it, even living in the capital at some point in my life. For now though, this will probably be my last trip for at least a year so I’m glad it was such a memorable one!  Weird to think my next couple of trips to ‘the capital’ will involve heading to Edinburgh instead!

Days until the big move:8 (AHHH!)